Longtown Sound 1694 Weekend Power Hour! Featuring Josh Ritter, Cory Branan, Kate Lush Band, Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins, Jackson Browne, The O’ Jays, The Pyramids, Definition Of Madmen, The Cringe, Susan Cattaneo, Jay Soul, Fort Pastor, Jubilee Riots and Antigone Rising.

*** Weekend Playlist ***
Josh Ritter – Come and Find Me
Cory Branan – You Make Me
Kate Lush Band – River Flow
Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins – Imagine
Jackson Browne – Lawyers In Love
The O’ Jays – For The Love Of Money
The Pyramids – Penetration
Definition Of Madmen – Always Too Soon
The Cringe – Rushing Through The World
Susan Cattaneo – Worth The Whiskey
Jay Soul – Stay With Me
Fort Pastor – Beautiful Imperfection
Jubilee Riots – Trying Times
Antigone Rising – Magnolia On The Breeze
Charlie Rich – Lonely Weekends