Longtown Sound 1747 Weekend! Featuring Hannah Beck, Jordan Fox (feat. Shelley Adams), And The Chorus, Shorelions, Long For The Coast, Aaron English, 8 Ball Aitken, Lyle Lovett, Bellglide, Bo Bice, Mark Wayne Glasmire, Lynn Langham, Paul Thorn.

*** Weekend Playlist ***
Hannah Beck – Because Of That Night
Jordan Fox (feat. Shelley Adams) – Grass Ain’t Greener
And The Chorus – The Perfect Plan
Shorelions – Always Your Man
Long For The Coast – Ten Years Time
Aaron English – Believe
8 Ball Aitken – Cyclone Country
Lyle Lovett – If I Had A Boat
Bellglide – Go Ahead
Six Friends in a Datsun
Bo Bice – This Train
Mark Wayne Glasmire – Mandarin Sky
Lynn Langham – Riding With The Lonely Ones
Paul Thorn – That’s Not Why We’re Here