Longtown Sound 1758 Weekend! Featuring John Batdorf, Paul McDonald, Arsena Schroeder, Phil Ayoub, Chris Ayer, Black Top, Erik Koskinen, Wes Tucker and the Skillets, Judie & Marly, MEDIC, Keeton Coffman, Paper Route, Biltmore, Ingrid Michaelson.

*** Weekend Playlist ***
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John Batdorf – Take A Look At You Now
Paul McDonald – Modern Hearts
Arsena Schroeder – Like A Fool
Phil Ayoub – Bad Habits
Chris Ayer – Stranded
Black Top – Black Tank Top
Erik Koskinen – Big Machine
Wes Tucker and the Skillets – Take It Slow
Judie & Marly – Crossroads
MEDIC – Electric Heart
Keeton Coffman – The Mountain
Paper Route – Chariots
Biltmore – Las Vegas Blue
Ingrid Michaelson – Home