Longtown Sound 1767 Weekend Power Hour! Featuring Rene Lopez, Joan Osborne, Richard Thompson, Ben Miller Band, My Silent Bravery, Sean McConnell, Jack Marton, The Guess Who, River Whyless, Chris Ayer, Sean Watkins, Sally Jaye, Jim O’Keeffe, Barbara Lusch.

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Rene Lopez – Once Again
Joan Osborne – What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
Richard Thompson – The Storm Wont Come
Ben Miller Band – Akira Kurosawa
My Silent Bravery – Got it Going On
Sean McConnell – Here We Go
Jack Marton – Born to Be Free
The Guess Who – Share the Land
River Whyless – Life Crisis
Chris Ayer – The Infinite Abyss of Space
Sean Watkins – All I Do Is Lie
Sally Jaye – Leave You Alone
Jim O’Keeffe – Power Lines
Barbara Lusch – Sweet Child Of Mine