Longtown Sound 1773 Weekend! Featuring Sean McConnell, My Silent Bravery, Leonid & Friends, Rene Lopez, Tammy Wynette, Jack Marton, Jimmy B and the Death Rattles, Dan Sheehan, Alex Fry, Sleeping At Last, Darryl Gregory, Aaron Krause, Paul Thorn and Michael Tomlinson.

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Sean McConnell – Shaky Bridges (feat. The McCrary Sisters)
My Silent Bravery – Everyday is the Weekend
Leonid & Friends – Beginnings (Chicago cover)
Rene Lopez – Once Again
Tammy Wynette – Crying in the Rain
Jack Marton – Another Day Is Gone
Jimmy B and the Death Rattles – We Are Fire
Dan Sheehan – Black Gold
Alex Fry – Anchor
Sleeping At Last – Instead of Myself
Darryl Gregory – Still Life Painter
Aaron Krause – Jade
Paul Thorn – Every Little Bit Hurts
Michael Tomlinson – A Good Life