Longtown Sound 1776 Weekend Power Hour! Featuring 8 Ball Aitken, Wily Bo Walker & E D Brayshaw, The Comforters, Soundside, Della Valle, Powerswitch, Imagine Dragons, Ally Way, ,Jack Falk, Just Dave, Boho Chapeau, The On Fires, Belladonna, Black Top.

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8 Ball Aitken – Hands on Top of the Wheel
Wily Bo Walker (feat. ED Brayshaw) – I Want To Know (Southern Comfort Mix)
The Comforters – Driving Off the Edge of the World
Soundside – Driving on Empty
Della Valle – Driving Around in Circles
Powerswitch – Keep On Driving
Imagine Dragons – It’s Time
Ally Way – Come Home
Jack Falk – Z Blues/335s Tell No Lies
Just Dave – Waste
Boho Chapeau – Shadows of Another Time
The On Fires – Nobody Wants
Belladonna – Black Swan
Black TopShe Got Me Good