Longtown Sound 1782 Weekend! Featuring Janice Minette, Weird Naked Indian, Frank Palangi, Gary Nichols, Chuck Eaton, 8 Ball Aitken, Kim Richey, Trent Dabbs, Amer Diab, Kelly Carpenter, Vintage Blue, Among Savages, Michelle Featherstone, Max Carmichael, Tony Deziel, The Kelly Richey Band and Kindred Souls.

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Janice Minette – Home to My Heart
Weird Naked Indian – Bright Idea
Frank Palangi – Hope
Gary Nichols – Say Goodbye
Chuck Eaton  – This World Our Home
8 Ball Aitken – Destroying The World
Kim Richey – Breakaway Speed
Trent Dabbs – The Way We Look At Horses
Amer Diab – The Devil Is a Trucker
Kelly Carpenter – Waiting
Vintage Blue – Unchained
Among Savages – Start at the Beginning
Michelle Featherstone – You’re Not Alone
Max Carmichael – Nightcrawling
Tony Deziel – Something
The Kelly Richey Band – One Day We’ll Feel The Sun
Kindred Souls – Justify