Longtown Sound 1784 Weekend Power Hour! Featuring Belladonna, Eric Erdman, Eric Hansen, Max Carmichael, Adia, Lori McKenna, Chrissy Coughlin, The Keller Sisters, Melanie Phippard, Wolf Larsen, Brandi Carlile, Pamela Polland, Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements and SarahBeth Keeley.

Click the links below and visit the artists in the show!
Belladonna – Sweet Child O’ Mine
Eric Erdman – If Alabama Is Not Good Enough For You
Eric Hansen – Memphis Afternoon
Max Carmichael – Mail Order Seahorses
Adia – Hustler
Lori McKenna – Buy This Town
Chrissy Coughlin – Do it Out of Love
The Keller Sisters – Those Baby Blues
Melanie Phippard – Won’t You Take Me
Wolf Larsen – If I Be Wrong
Brandi Carlile – A Promise to Keep
Pamela Polland – You Are So Beautiful
Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements – Night Blooming Jasmine
Sarah Beth Keeley – Be Strong