Longtown Sound 1799 Weekend Power Hour! Featuring Eli “Paperboy” Reed, FeelGood, Andy Kim, Preacher Stone, The Nadas, The Salesmen, Maree McRae, Jeff Ronay, Loo Wood, Lily Sparks, Peter Comes From Neverland, Aaron English, Nadia Kazmi and Justin Hopkins.

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Eli “Paperboy” Reed – Come And Get It
FeelGood – Touch Humanity
Andy Kim – 3 Days In Heaven
Preacher Stone – Come Together
The Nadas – Crystal Clear
The Salesmen – Sell it to the End
Maree McRae – It’s A Shame
Jeff Ronay – Why Life Dances
Loo Wood – Start With Me
Lily Sparks – Stars
Peter Comes From Neverland – Airplane
Aaron English – The Name of This Song is a Secret
Nadia Kazmi – Mother
Justin Hopkins – Why Would God Come To LA