We look at the implications of a new law in Saudi Arabia where women will be told by text when their husband wants to divorce them. In the past women were left unaware of their status and alimony rights. In addition, women can now drive, go to sports stadiums and vote in local elections. However some of the key women who lobbied for these reforms are in prison because of their activism. We ask how much things are really changing for women in Saudi Arabia.

For over 6 years BBC Newsreader Alex Lovell was sent threatening cards from a unknown stalker. Gordon Hawthorn bombarded the presenter with 38 violent and offensive greetings cards. Last week he was jailed for two years and six months. Alex talks about how the experience has impacted her life.

The music of Barbara Strozzi will be the first concert in a year-long series of women composers, Venus Unwrapped, at the King's Place in London. The soprano Mary Bevan and Lute player Elizabeth Kenny join Jane to discuss the 17th century Venetian's life and provide a taste of her music.

Yesterday and today we look at the impact of the decision to Transition on marriage and family relationships. Yesterday we heard from Stephanie Jones when she transitioned from male to female and became, as she describes it, a "stranger in her own home". Today we hear from Michele whose ex-husband transitioned after they had been married for 16 years.

Presenter: Jane Garvey
Interviewed guest: Rothna Begum
Interviewed guest: Alex Lovell
Interviewed guest: Mary Bevan
Interviewed guest: Elizabeth Kenny
Interviewed guest: Michele
Producer: Lucinda Montefiore