The Radio 1 DJ and number 12 on the Woman’s Hour Powerlist 2018, Annie Mac, introduces us to the new music and women we’ll be listening to this year.

The writer Michele Roberts and the playwright Rebecca Lenkiewicz discuss the life and feminism of the pioneering writer Colette.

For more than six years the BBC Presenter Alex Lovell was sent threatening cards from an unknown stalker. Gordon Hawthorn was jailed last week for two years and six months. Alex tells us how the experience impacted her life.

Cyntoia Brown was granted clemency in the US after serving 15 years of a life conviction for murder. Leah Carroll, a crime and culture reporter for Refinery 29 in New York, tells us about Cyntoia’s story and why her release is so significant.

Melanie Brown refuses to hide her mastectomy. She tells us why she didn’t want reconstruction and discusses why society and bra makers still struggle to accept or cater for women like her.

Is the dance floor the best place to find romance? Ashley Banjo, who leads the dance group Diversity and is the presenter of a dating show Flirty Dancing, and Ann David, Professor of Dance and Cultural Engagement at the University of Roehampton, discuss.

The divorce coach Sara Davison talks about how to maintain a good relationship with your an ex partner. Jess tried to do that and tells us how it worked out for her.

Presented by Jane Garvey
Producer: Rabeka Nurmahomed
Editor: Jane Thurlow