Sara Dallin and Keren Woodward from Bananarama come into the Woman's Hour studio to talk about how it all started, their friendship and their new album, Masquerade.

The Baby is a new TV drama about a woman who suddenly gets a baby. It literally lands in her arms without warning. What's she going to do when she never wanted a baby in the first place? We have Michelle de Swarte who plays 38-year-old Natasha who finds herself with the baby, and Executive Producer Naomi De Pear.

This Sunday we've got the Tour de France Femmes. It’s been called a “seminal” moment for women’s cycling because for the first time women will be able to wear the yellow jersey across eight days of gruelling cycling. We have Dani Every from British Cycling and cyclist Elinor Barker, an Olympic gold medallist and five-time world champion.

This week the government launched its Women's Health Strategy, pledging to take women's health much more seriously, at every stage of a woman's life. Period education is only briefly mentioned, but we talk to Chella Quint, teacher and period campaigner, about her ideas to get it into the school curriculum for boys and girls.