BBC Young Reporter Competition is in its second year. More than 2000 young people suggested an original story idea that they wanted the BBC to report on and it was Kay from Bristol who won gold this year. She's 19 now but when she was 12 she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. She's now volunteering at a hospital and it's been life-changing. Our reporter Ena Miller met Kay and her mum, Eileen, at home in Bristol.

March is a big month for women. We have International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, but that gets less attention. Why? Jenni talks to two historians, Professor Selina Todd and Professor Krista Cowman, about it's importance and significance.

Leftover Women is an unflattering term used in China to describe women who aren't married. China has 30 million more men than women, leaving single women under pressure to marry quickly or risk being rejected by society. Jenni hears from Shosh Shlam, writer and co-director of the film Leftover Women, and Qui Hua Mei who's a lawyer.

Lost is a tale of two siblings living in extreme poverty. It's told through the eyes of Lola. She's a resourceful, brave and loyal teenager who’s desperately trying to find her way home. Jenni talks to the author, Ele Fountain, about what inspired her to write the book and why she hopes it’ll start a conversation about friendship, family and finding a sense of belonging.