We take a trip to Biggin Hill airport. Popular with millionaires and stars who travel in private jets, there's a small group of women working there. Some of them fly planes, but in the UK as a whole only 6% of our pilots are women.

This week the 16 year old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg has impressed the country with her confidence. She was at Westminster addressing crowds of environmentalists and meeting politicians. She's been critical about the UK’s response to climate change, telling MPs her future has been stolen. We look at how she's managed to make such an impact and hear about other influential women in the environmental movement.

We explore parental alienation. It's defined as the process of psychologically manipulating a child into showing fear, disrespect or hostility toward a parent. It can happen when couples split up acrimoniously. We explore how understood the concept is and hear how the term is used in the family courts.