At the beginning of the pandemic nurseries, pre-schools and many child minders shut down at the same time as schools, to all but the children of key workers and the most vulnerable. Most reopened in June and have remained open ever since. Providers of early years education have been urging the government for more money, saying that a lack of demand over the last year has put them under even more financial strain and many may not survive. Emma speaks to Stephanie Carless who runs a preschool in the West Midlands, and Shannon Pite, Public Affairs Director for the Early Years Alliance.

Some women in the ultra orthodox Jewish community believe the laws on forced marriage are not serving them adequately and action needs to be taken. Emma is joined by Yehudis Fletcher, the founder think tank Nahamu, which aims to counter what it sees as extremism in the Jewish community; and by Chaya Spitz, chief executive of the Interlink Foundation, which represents Orthodox organisations.

Mia Hansson is a 46 year old artist and stay at home mum, who is recreating a full-scale replica of the Bayeux tapestry. Mia started stitching 4 years ago, and thinks she'll be finished stitching sometime in 2027.