In 2020, a black 15-year-old schoolgirl, known as Child Q, was strip-searched by police while on her period after being wrongly suspected of carrying cannabis. A safeguarding report on the incident concluded it was unjustified and racism was "likely" to have been a factor. New data published by the Children’s Commissioner has found what she calls a “concerning” number of children have been strip-searched by the Metropolitan Police without an appropriate adult present. BBC reporter Celestina Olulode joins Jessica to talk us through this data and we also hear from Jacqueline Courtenay, a mother from North London who organised a rally about this issue.

It's the end of an era - the actor playing Peggy in The Archers is hanging up her mic at the age of 103. June Spencer has played the matriarch since 1951. Her last appearance was on Sunday's omnibus edition. Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall was a big fan of Peggy's, calling her, "a true national treasure who has been part of my life, and millions of others, for as long as I can remember". Felicity Finch who plays Ruth Archer, has known June for a long time and tells Jessica how the rest of the cast has reacted to the news.

Following the launch of the Women's Health Strategy we speak to the new chief executive of NICE - the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence. The agency makes recommendations to the NHS in England and Wales on medicines, treatments and procedures. Dr Sam Roberts took up the post in February 2022. Before joining Nice, she was Managing Director of Health and Care at Legal and General but began her career in clinical practice and spent some time working as a junior doctor in a London hospital.

How does it feel to reach the age your Mum was when she died? Our reporter Jo Morris talked to three women whose stories are different but who all feel that the age their Mum passed away has shaped their lives. First, Rachel lives in Devon with her family. Even people who know her really well, don’t know about a feeling she’s been keeping secret.

The Commonwealth Games ends today and what a couple of weeks it's been. England have come second, after Australia, in the medals table with Scotland 6th, Wales 8th and Northern Ireland 10th. Across all sports there have been a lot of success for the home nations women. Jessica is joined by Jeanette Kwakye, former Olympic athlete and BBC broadcaster.