The Commonwealth Games in Birmingham are underway and for the first time in a major multi-sport event, more medals will be awarded to women than men, with the medal programme confirming a total of 136 events for women compared to 134 for men. Jessica speaks to BBC Sports presenter Clare Balding as well as the first ever female Chef de Mission for Team Scotland, who for the first time have more women competing in their team than men.

Six weeks after pop star Lizzo changed the lyrics of her song because it contained an ableist slur, Beyonce has been criticised for using the same term. In her new song ‘Heated’, which is co-written by hiphop star Drake, the slur is used twice. In a statement, Beyonce said the term wasn't used intentionally in a harmful way, and will be replaced. Hannah Diviney is a writer and Disability Activist from Sydney, who went viral for calling out both Lizzo and Beyonce.

The impact of body image on mental and physical health is "wide-reaching" according to a new wide-ranging report out today by the Health and Social Care Committee which calls for e.g. for the Government to introduce a law so "commercial images" which feature bodies which have been doctored in any way - including changing body proportions or skin tone - are legally required to carry a logo to let viewers know they have been digitally altered. And the Government to speed up the introduction of a promised licensing regime for non-surgical cosmetic procedures to prevent vulnerable people being exploited. Jessica hears from Jeremy Hunt is Chair of the Committee, and Dawn Steele, a patient trustee to the board of the Joint Council For Cosmetic Practitioners.

Penelope Campling is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist. Over the course of her 40-year career, she has seen many changes in the way we treat serious mental illness. She spent twenty years running the NHS personality disorder unit in Leicester. She has now retired from the NHS, still practising as a psychotherapist, and has just published her second book, Don’t Turn Away: Stories of Troubled Minds in Fractured Times.

Presenter: Jessica Creighton
Producer: Dianne McGregor