Emma Barnett talks to Dawn French about her fourth novel "Because of You" which has been longlisted for the Women's Prize for Fiction and we'll find out later today if it's made the shortlist. She'll also be talking about the post-menopausal years when women often say they feel invisible, afraid of change, unemployable or just plain 'past it'.
If you're an Archers listener you'll be familiar with Alice's story of having a baby as an alcoholic and the stigma and struggle she faces. Our reporter Milly Chowles had a baby last year. She’s in long -term recovery from addiction and feels she was given lots of chances to change. Her fear is that women now aren’t getting those opportunities and the impact on them, their children and society is devastating. In 2011 there were 65,520 children in care in England and at the end of March 2020 that figure was more than 80,000. Addiction is often a factor. Today, we hear a Dad's story.
It's nearly 30 years since the start of the Bosnia-Hercevgovina war, a conflict that saw the worst atrocities in Europe since World War II. About 100,000 were killed and over 2 million were displaced between 1992 and 1995.Watching the coverage on the news, thousands of miles away in Fochabars in North East Scotland was Clare Findlay and her husband Andrew who ended up taking in 21 Bosnian children and four mothers into their home. Her story features in a new series ‘Saved by A Stranger which tells the story of people caught up in some of the biggest events in history.
And Caroline Slocock the Director of Civil Exchange and the first woman Private Secretary at No 10 serving Margaret Thatcher talks about the current "curtaingate" row at Westminster.

Presenter: Emma Barnett
Producer: Lisa Jenkinson
Studio Engineer: Donald MacDonald.