With the surge in people getting dogs during lockdown, Emily Dean, broadcaster and host of ‘Walking The Dog with Emily Dean’ joins Anita to discuss her shih-tzu called Raymond, the trend for ‘pandemic puppies’ and the unique relationship between women and their dogs.

Newspaper reports from the weekend suggest that Prince Charles, Harry, William and Kate spent a couple of hours at Frogmore Cottage after the funeral of Prince Phillip on Saturday, presumably hoping to clear the air after what has been a turbulent time for the Royal family. Whatever your background - family rifts can be very painful, sometimes lasting years and often beyond anyone's memory of why they originally fell out. What should you do if you want to reconcile? How do you make that initial approach? Anita is joined by Dee Holmes, Family Counsellor with Relate and Mamta Saha, practising psychologist.

More than fifteen thousand people have emailed their experiences of sexual harassment and assault in school as pupils or past pupils on the ‘Everyone‘s Invited’ website but what about assault by pupils towards teachers? We hear one female teacher’s experience of being sexually assaulted at school, and from Jennifer Moses the National Official for equality and training at the Teaching Union the NASUWT.

300 years ago this month, Lady Mary Wortley Montagu deliberately infected her three year old daughter with a dose of smallpox – in other words she inoculated her – and was the first to do so in the West. Her role in the race to halt the spread of the virus was largely unacknowledged at the time. She should be recognised for the pioneer that she was says Jo Willett who has written her biography ‘The Pioneering Life of Mary Wortley Montagu’.