Phoebe Waller-Bridge, scriptwriter and lead actor for the series ‘Fleabag’ has won three separate awards at this year’s Emmys. She won the best lead actress in a comedy series, and best writing. The show also won for best comedy. So what is it about this show that struck a chord with so many? Where might Phoebe Waller-Bridge be going next? TV critic Emma Bullimore will be speaking to Jenni, along with Hetta Howes, lecture in literature from the City University of London.

Tomorrow is BBC Music Day, an annual celebration across the corporation about the power of music to change lives. On Woman’s Hour we’re hearing from people who live with dementia and about how music helps them cope. Shelagh is 79, from Madeley in Staffordshire where she lives with her husband Paul, who also has dementia. Woman’s Hour first met Shelagh at a Dementia Diaries event in Birmingham. The group record their experiences about living with dementia and post on dementia Henrietta Harrison went to meet Shelagh in her home and found out how Irish Republican protest songs transport her back to her childhood. Due to an error in this version the music used is not Boolavogue by The High Kings, instead we have used Ireland’s Call by The High Kings. It has been corrected here

One hundred years ago, the Women’s Engineering Society was formed. In a new book ‘Magnificent Women and their Revolutionary Machines’, Henrietta Heald charts the history of the society and the pioneering women who excelled in engineering – often against the odds. Henrietta joins Jenni to discuss.

How do you inspire your child to take up a musical instrument or learn to sing? What are the best instruments to learn and how do you help keep their interest should practising become a chore? Jenni speaks to Molly Newton, a music teacher based in York.