A total of 65 women have been into space - compared with 501 men. The last time the European Space Agency recruited for their Class of 2009, only 16% of applications came from women. That process led to Just one - Samantha Cristoforetti of Italy - being chosen. In a break from training for a 2022 mission to the International Space Station, Samantha joins Emma to discuss why so few women apply to be astronauts, the skills needed to make it in space, and how women can put themselves forward for ESA's latest recruitment drive.

Jackie Weaver of local council zoom meeting fame talks about her night at the BRITS.

Our series Second Chances continues. This time we hear how a mother's addiction and domestic violence are often factors in a child's removal. The reporter and DJ Milly Chowles became a mum last year, she’s in long term recovery from addiction and had lots of chances to change. Having a baby after getting into recovery made her realise that other mothers aren't getting the help they need or that they just aren't able to take it when it's offered.

And after Taylor Swift talked about the challenges of being a woman in the public eye at the BRITS last night, we ask if women really can be anything they want? Can they change their image and wear and do what they want? We talk to Emily Clarkson and Dr. Jacki Willson.

Presenter: Emma Barnett
Producer: Lisa Jenkinson
Studio Engineers: Nigel Dix & Donald MacDonald.