Harriet Harman MP, raises concerns about the current treatment of mothers in prison during Covid-19 and the impact on their children and family life..
Fertility clinics were told last month that they could reopen as long as social distancing measures were in place. Being without access to fertility treatment has left thousands of couples – as well as single women – worried that they might run out of chances to conceive, and run out of time. Research has begun into the impact of clinic coronavirus delays on people’s lives, relationships and feelings.
Public toilets have been a well-known victim of council cuts, leaving the UK with 50% fewer toilets than a decade ago. Coronavirus has caused even more closures – albeit temporarily. But where does that leave people who need urgent access to the loo?
Monica Dolan is best known for her role as senior communications officer Tracey Pritchard in the BBC’s comedy W1A. We speak to her about her latest film ‘Days of the Bagnold Summer’ about a mother and her relationship with her heavy metal loving teenage son.
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