The folk duo, Fran and Flora play Eastern European inspired music from their album, Unfurl.

The former Prime Minister of New Zealand Helen Clark, tells us about her recent work with the children’s charity World Vision where she’s been trying to help eradicate child marriage in Afghanistan.

According to recent research Maths anxiety is real and one in ten children suffer from despair and rage when faced with the subject. We hear from Kayla Fuller who suffered from maths anxiety at school and from Lucy Rycroft Smith a research and communications officer at Cambridge mathematics.

Do cultural attitudes to women and pain stand in the way of effective treatments? We're joined by Katy Vincent, Senior Pain Fellow at the Nuffield Department of Women’s and Reproductive Health at the University of Oxford.

Sonia Purnell on her book, A Woman of No Importance, about Virginia Hall an American turned British spy who overcame a lost leg to become a legend in espionage and guerrilla warfare.

We hear from Julie Morgan the deputy minister for Health and Social Services in the Welsh Assembly on why she is fighting to ban smacking children in Wales.

And Hallie Rubenhold tells us about the five female victims of Jack the Ripper. She's written about their lives in her new book The Five.

Presented by Jenni Murray
Produced by Rabeka Nurmahomed
Edited by Jane Thurlow

Interviewed guest: Helen Clark
Interviewed guest: Kayla Fuller
Interviewed guest: Lucy Rycroft Smith
Interviewed guest: Katy Vincent
Interviewed guest: Sonia Purnell
Interviewed guest: Julie Morgan
Interviewed guest: Hallie Rubenhold