The UK has the 4th highest level of prenatal alcohol use worldwide, yet rates of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder are unknown. New research published by the University of Bristol today reveals some concerning statistics. Tina speaks to Dr Cheryl Mcquire who led the study and Jane, now 28, who wasn’t diagnosed with FASD until she was 14.

Freya Ridings might not be a name you recognise, but you’ll have her heard her voice – her song Lost Without You has been in the top 40 chart since the summer, when it was featured in a moment of heartbreak on the ITV2 show Love Island. Freya joins us to perform the song, and to discuss her whirlwind year and using her dyslexia to her advantage.

Last night, Melanie Timberlake won the Disability Coach of the Year 2018 award, for her work as an Ikkaido coach. She joins Tina to discuss her work, and how disability-inclusive sport has offered her solace from an abusive childhood and postnatal depression.

In her first book of comic strips, French comic artist and feminist Emma, reflects on social and feminist issues by means of simple line drawings. By dissecting the mental load – all the invisible and unpaid organising, list-making and planning that women do to manage their lives (and their families) she shares the hilarious and often serious side of women’s lives.

On 2nd December 1938, the first Kindertransport train arrived into Liverpool Street Station, marking the start of a momentous rescue mission that saved the lives of 10,000 children from Nazi occupied Europe. 80 years on, how significant was the programme? And what can its history teach us about the current child refugee crisis? Beth Gardiner-Smith is the Chief Executive of Safe Passage. Olivia Marks-Woldman is the Chief Executive of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust. Jackie Sanders is the Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the Fostering Network. They all join Tina to discuss the legacy of Kindertransport and what it’s like to look after child refugees today.

Presenter: Tina Daheley
Producer: Kirsty Starkey

Interviewed Guest: Dr Cheryl Mcquire
Interviewed Guest: Jane
Interviewed Guest: Freya Ridings
Interviewed Guest: Melanie Timberlake
Interviewed Guest: Emma
Interviewed Guest: Olivia Marks Woldman
Interviewed Guest: Beth Gardiner Smith
Interviewed Guest: Jackie Saunders