Replacing traditional male only or female only toilets with gender neutral facilities has increased in recent years. Theatres were some of the first venues to hit the headlines. Many businesses and companies followed suit, partly as a way of making toilets easier to use for people identifying a gender different to the one assigned at birth, but also in an attempt to reduce the long queues outside women’s loos. But now Communities Secretary, Robert Jenrick is to rewrite planning regulations forcing public buildings to have separate male and female toilets. Is this change a step forward or back? Emma discusses the issues with Sarah Ditum, critic and columnist and the author Caroline Criado Perez.

Described as “A fierce and distinctive talent” 20 year old Griff was recently announced as the recipient of the prestigious BRITs Rising Star Award, following past winners such as Celeste, Sam Smith and Adele. Griff has also been nominated for an Ivor Novello award and ended 2020 by singing the sound-track for Disney's Christmas advert. She performs a special version of her song Black Hole for Woman’s Hour. She tells Emma about her 'bedroom pop', new mixtape One Foot in Front of the Other, and how she literally learned to walk a tight rope.

The Windrush scandal first came to light in April 2018. Despite living and working in the UK for decades, many were told they were there illegally because of a lack of official paperwork. A year later the Windrush Compensation Scheme was launched. Last week it announced that it has now paid out more than £14 million in compensation and has offered a further £12 million. Jacqueline McKenzie is a lawyer representing 200 victims. She says the big scandal is that so few people who are eligible for compensation are actually coming forward.

Ece Temelkuran is an award-winning Turkish novelist and political commentator. Her last book, How to Lose a Country: the 7 steps from Democracy to Dictatorship, describes the rise of populism and authoritarianism in Turkey and other countries with a refrain to western countries not to be complacent about their own democracies. Now she has a new book out, Together: 10 Choices for a Better Now. Ece joins Emma to talk about why she thinks our current systems are in crisis but why she still has faith that humans are capable of reinventing themselves & the world around them.

“Typo-squatting” is when a website address is deliberately misspelled, in order to mimic another URL. It’s often used in cyber-fraud and for counterfeit goods. Kim McCabe, who runs a not for profit website offering safety advice to young girls, got in touch. She’s found multiple websites with almost identical domain names to hers, all containing pornography. The government’s upcoming Online Safety Bill is set to introduce new legislation to tackle harmful content online, but there is currently nothing to stop harmful typo-squatting. Why is it easier to stop a website selling fake designer bags, than deliberately leading children to pornographic material? Emma talks to Kim and hears more on the issues from Dr Victoria Baines, a cybercrime and online safety researcher.

Presented by Emma Barnett
Producer: Louise Corley