Gracie Nuttall, sister of Laura Nuttall who died aged 23 in May of a glioblastoma, and Megan Fryer-Kelsey, whose brother Ezra died eleven years ago of leukodystrophy, join Anita to discuss what it's like to grow up with a sibling who is ill, and how parents can support non-sick siblings.

Young people in Italy are expressing outrage on social media after Italian judges decided to clear a man of groping a teenager because it lasted less than 10 seconds. The BBC's Sofia Bettiza joins Anita from Rome.

Where do you put your awards and achievements? Do you show them off in your house? Which room do they fit in best? And if you have kids, what do you do with all their achievements once they’ve flown the nest? Well, academic Dr Louise Creechan keeps hers in her downstairs loo. Co-host of the Wittering Whitehalls, Hilary Whitehall, kept her trophy in her handbag for a while. Anita asks them why.

The Supreme Leader of Iran has called for a massive population increase, and the state has been offering financial incentives for women to have more children. There is also now more pressure on women not to access contraception, and abortion has been criminalised further, with a potential prison sentence for women being proposed by the regime. Meanwhile cases of unsafe illegal abortions have increased. The BBC’s Saba Zavarei has been speaking to Iranian women about their experiences and joins Anita.

Right to Fight tells the surprising story of the maverick pioneers of women’s boxing, who defied sexism and racism for their place in the ring; overcoming the odds to become the first women issued with professional boxing licenses. Director Georgina Cammalleri joins Anita.