The Irish government is proposing that important documents about industrial schools should be sealed for 75 years. But some women who stayed in them, like Rosemary, pictured here when she was a baby, say they don't want the files and testimonies to be kept secret. They say they're crucial, historical documents. The government disagrees, believing it's about confidentiality and preservation. We hear from Rosemary and Elizabeth, women in their 60s and 70s, who describe what it was like living in these places.

There's a new film out called Harriet. It's based on the story of Harriet Tubman who escaped slavery in the States in 1849. She became a leading abolitionist. As a ‘conductor’ she enabled hundreds of enslaved people to gain their freedom along the route of the Underground Railroad. The film stars the British actress, Cynthia Erivo. Jane speaks to Kasi Lemmons, the film’s director.

Gentleman Jack was on BBC One earlier this year, and ever since visitors have flocked to Shibden Hall. They've also traveled to Halifax and York to see where Anne Lister lived and worked. Many are lesbians who've been inspired by her story. As hundreds sign up to attend the Anne Lister Festival next year, we hear why Shibden has become an important trip for gay women and the impact it’s had on local tourism.

A mythic bird-woman stalks abusers. An old lady calmly switches off her own heart. And a grieving daughter breast-feeds in a car-park as her mother’s grave is dug. Sarah Hall’s unsettling new collection of short stories explores female rage and whether we're ever really able to change.