The folk singer, Kate Rusby also has the nickname, The Barnsley Nightingale. Kate's latest album is covers of pop music you're bound to recognise, but in her own folksy, mellow way. She talks to us about why she did an album of covers, how she recorded it with her husband and girls, and why Susannah Hoff made her cry.

Seoul in South Korea is known as the plastic surgery capital of the world. There were a million cosmetic procedures last year. Frances Cha, a former travel and culture editor, speaks to Jenni about her new novel ‘If I Had Your Face’ and how she researched it by visiting plastic surgeons and escort bars.

We talk to the union, Community, about textile factories in Leicester and the recent concerns over low pay and the lack of social distancing in some of them.

And we Cook The Perfect. Today it's with the Australian chef, Lara Lee. She specialises in Indonesian cooking, due to her family background. She shares recipes that have been passed down the generations. Today, she's cooking the perfect sambal, which is a hot relish found on every Indonesian dinner table.