Lauren Laverne and guests discuss home. What does home mean to you? Is domesticity a joy or a drudgery? And why has the Scandinavian art of Hygge become the word of the winter? Is it genius marketing or emotional need? Joining Lauren are:

Trine Hahnemann, Chef and author of 'Scandinavian Comfort Food - Embracing the Arts of Hygge'.

Susie Orbach, psychotherapist and author.

Dr Rachel Hurdley, Research Fellow in the School of Social Science at Cardiff University

Helen Zaltzman, podcaster and crafter.

This programme is available in two versions. The long version is podcast only and is available by clicking the MP3 button on the Late Night Woman's Hour programme page or subscribing to the Woman's Hour daily podcast. The shorter broadcast version will be available on Iplayer shortly after transmission on Friday 28th October.

Presenter: Lauren Laverne
Producer: Eleanor Garland

Guest: Susie Orbach
Guest: Rachel Hurdley
Guest: Trine Hahnemann
Guest: Helen Zaltzman.