Is being a tough guy (or girl) no longer the key to getting on? How important is empathy in leadership now that we know the effect that working from home, juggling child-care, concerns about unemployment and dealing with grief are having on mental health and well being. Can businesses afford to be empathetic? Emma speaks to Chef Angela Hartnett and Belinda Parmar, CEO of the Empathy Business.

The census is being held next month and for the first time the public will be asked about their gender identity as well as what sex they are. The campaign group Fair Play for Women isn’t happy about the guidance which has been issued to help people answer the sex question and they’re threatening legal action if the Office for National Statistics doesn’t make changes. Dr Nicola Williams from Fair Play for Women and the CEO of Stonewall Nancy Kelley talk to Emma Barnett about the issue.

Kelly Michaud is 26 and has been left in ‘crippling pain’ due to her size H breasts. She’s now raising money to get a reduction after failing to get the operation funded by the NHS. She talks to Emma to her about why she decided to crowdfund for the operation and how to plans to raise awareness of the problem and help others too.

Presenter: Emma Barnett
Producer: Lucinda Montefiore