Listener Week: stories suggested by you.

Many of you wanted us to talk about the patriarchal nature of some wedding traditions which seem to have stood the test of time like being walked down the aisle by your dad. Why are they still around and what do they symbolise? We look at their roots with Rachael Lennon, author of Wedded Wife: A Feminist History of Marriage; and journalist Sarah Graham, who planned a feminist wedding.

We regularly cover the health issues women face as they approach the menopause. One listener asked us to raise awareness of a less publicised aspect of the process - which is pubic hair loss. Many women finds this gradually happens from the perimenopause on and unlike when you’re younger, it doesn’t grow back and it's said can exacerbate problems with libido and sexual identity. Emma finds out more from the Chair of the Menopause Society Paula Briggs and the Sex Therapist Stella Sonnenbaum.

The refugees minister, Lord Harrington, has made a plea to the Treasury to double the money given to families hosting Ukrainian refugees. He fears that the cost of living may lead to a quarter of the host households pulling out of the scheme at the end of October when the initial six months is up. Many people are having positive life-affirming experiences, but we have also been contacted by some listeners who are having a trickier time and feel not much is being said publicly about when these situations go wrong.

And advice for a mother who lives in a rural area who emailed about her daughter being bullied from Kidscape’s CEO Lauren Seager-Smith and Consultant Child Psychologist Dr Jane Gilmour.

Presenter Emma Barnett Producer Beverley Purcell