Described as a ‘tender portrayal of experiencing dementia in lockdown’ Watching Rosie is an online play starring Miriam Margolyes. Portraying grandmother Alice, and Louise Coulthard, her granddaughter Rosie, Miriam joins Jenni to discuss the bond between the two as they face change and confusion.

Sinead Hynes is a tough, driven, funny young property developer with terrifying secret. No one knows it; not her fellow patients in hospital, and certainly not her family. She’s only confided in a shiny magpie and Google! Poet Elaine Feeney talks to Jenni about her debut novel As You Were – all about the secrets we hold, the burdens we carry and why we all need people to lean on.

The Care Quality Commission have described the maternity care at Basildon University Hospital as ‘inadequate’, after a whistleblower shared concerns for patient safety. Jenni is joined by BBC Look East’s Suzie Fowler-Watt, who has been following the story, and Lauren, who has had maternity care at the hospital and is part of a support group for women who’ve lost babies at the hospital.

Chef and restaurateur Ravinder Bhogal's new book Jikoni celebrates immigrant food and its ability to adapt. Her recipes span flavours and culinary traditions from India, Kenya, Asia and Britain. She tells the stories of women who are marginalised and whose stories have been erased - stories she refers to as feminist gospels. She talks to Jenni about how to Cook the Perfect Coffee Rasgullas with Mascarpone Ice Cream and Espresso Caramel.

Producer: Louise Corley
Editor: Karen Dalziel