Civil partnerships have been in place for same-sex couples since December 2005 but as of today they're open to mixed sex couples.

We hear from the campaigners, Rebecca Steinfield and Charles Keidan who first appeared on the programme nearly six years ago after they announced their intention to be civilly married in the Jewish Chronicle. Since then they've fought to be able to legally register their union. We hear from them today as they are finally able to become civil partners in the eyes of the law.

Yesterday a 19 year-old woman was found guilty of lying about being gang-raped in Ayia Napa in Cyprus. She withdrew her allegation after a lengthy late night interrogation by police during which no lawyer was present. She will be sentenced next week. Women’s groups and criminal justice campaigners have expressed their concerns about the police investigation, and the judge's handling of her case. Joan Smith explains her concerns about the conviction and what is likely to happen next.

Sue Elliott Nicholls has had a lot of mothers, some were hers and some she has deliberately found for herself for a little extra maternal back up. She thought it was just her thing but it turns out that spare mother-figures are more common than we might think.

Lucy Edwards made history last week when she became the first blind person to present their own show on BBC Radio 1. She joins Jane to discuss her ambitions and what she's learned from her first shows.

Presenter Jane Garvey.
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