Earlier in the summer we asked you, our listeners, to get in touch and send us a picture that somehow captured you at your best. Not just looking your best, but feeling your best. Hundreds of you got in touch with pictures of your best day, and we’ll be running as many of your stories as we can. Today…. Suzanne Goldberg brings us a picture of laughter.

With continuing division over Brexit in Parliament and a General Election expected soon, the Liberal Democrat party’s president, Baroness Sal Brinton, joins us from the Lib Dem Party Conference. What opportunity does the current chaos offer the party and what is their message to women?

Vicky Phelan has become one of the most well-known and well-respected women in Ireland. She exposed a medical scandal which not only affected her but affected over 200 other Irish women as well. She found out that cervical smear tests, like hers, were mistakenly given the all clear but turned out to be abnormal. This meant women weren’t given important treatment that might have prevented cancer or halted it. Vicky took her case to court and won. She was awarded 2.5 million Euros in compensation. Vicky is now living with a terminal prognosis but getting treatment. She says she’s feeling strong at the moment. She’s just published a book called Overcoming: A Memoir.

What does it mean to be a woman in the 21st century? Anna Hope’s third novel, Expectation, opens with three young women in their twenties, living a precarious but happy life in a rented house in Hackney, London. Ten years on they are not where they had hoped to be. Anna joins Jane to discuss friendship, love, the pain of infertility, motherhood, work and feminism.