There's to be an inquiry into the Covid pandemic. It will start in Spring next year. We speak to one of the women who's been pushing for it, but still thinking it's starting too late. Her name is Jean Adamson from the Covid-19 Bereaved families For Justice.

Scarlett Moffatt, famous for Gogglebox and winning I'm A Celebrity ... has just become an ambassador for The Samaritans. She talks to Woman's Hour about how reality television has affected her mental health, and exchanges experiences with Montana Brown who appeared on Love Island. One of the things they talk about is whether reality TV does enough to support young women who choose to go on these shows.

Patricia Devlin is a crime journalist in Northern Ireland. She specialises in investigating paramilitary criminal activity. Because of her work, Patricia has suffered continuous threats to her life but now her baby son has been targeted for the second time. She tells us how she's coping and how she wants the PSNI to take these threats more seriously.

Artificial intelligence is everywhere. AI is playing a part in how we all work, live and play. But there are worries that because AI algorithms are created from the data we give it, biases in society will be replicated and even amplified by it in the future. Both the The European Union and the UK government are working on strategies to address this. Emma talks to the tech entrepreneur Tabitha Goldstaub who Chairs the UK's AI Council and to Carly Kind the Director of the Ada Lovelace Institute.