Sharenting is when you put too much information about your children on social media. It could be baby pictures or details of what they're doing or what they've achieved. You might think your post is sweet or funny, but when your children grow up, they might not agree especially when it comes to finding a job. Jane talks to Claire Bessant, a solicitor and Associate Professor at Northumbria Law School and Leah Plunkett, who's an Associate Professor of Legal Skills at the University of New Hampshire in the US and author of ‘Sharenthood’.

Anti-abortion posters were put up in the Labour MP, Stella Creasy’s, constituency in London this weekend. They've now been taken down. Stella Creasy is eight months pregnant, has publicly spoken about the miscarriages she’s had and she’s a prominent campaigner for abortion rights in Northern Ireland. We speak to Stella who feels she's a target for a group called Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform UK, which is behind the posters. We also talk to their spokesperson, Ruth Rawlins.

More books than ever before are now published about women and science. Last week Caroline Criado Perez won the 2019 Royal Society Book Prize for her book ‘Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men’. It lists the ways in which the world is designed for men, rather than women. We bring Caroline together with neuroscientist, Professor Gina Rippon, whose book ‘The Gendered Brain’ refutes the claim that men and women’s brains are fundamentally different.