Lynn and Lucy is a new film about the lives of two best friends in a close-knit community in Essex whose relationship is tested after a tragedy happens. It stars Nichola Burley and Roxanne Scrimshaw in her first acting role. Roxanne joins Jenni to discuss female friendship, community, motherhood and the depiction of working class women on screen.

The Domestic Abuse Bill 2020 is currently making its way through Parliament, and will reach the House of Lords by the end of July. For the first time there will be a statutory definition of domestic abuse. The Centre for Women’s Justice is asking for an amendment to the Bill, to create a free-standing offence of non-fatal strangulation or asphyxiation. Nicole Jacobs, the first domestic abuse commissioner for England and Wales, explains why she is supporting them.

Professor Linda Scott’s book "The Double X Economy" describes how women are excluded from the global economy in myriad ways, in both developing and developed countries. She claims that the global economy's wealth would be £160 trillion higher if the gender pay gap were closed. Linda explains how empowering women economically could not only resolve gender equality but also help address many of humankind’s most pressing problems.

And there are a record number of women in employment – and that includes women slowly but surely increasing their presence in senior management positions and professions that have traditionally been dominated by men. But has ‘being in the room’ really led to changes in attitudes towards women’s capabilities? Or is gender bias still alive and well? Jenni is joined by Professor Michelle Ryan, the author of a new study about gender bias from the University of Exeter and Carina White who works in sports marketing.