Theresa May has made a million pounds on the speaker circuit since she stood down as Prime Minister just under a year ago. We discuss how she’s done it and whether she might have a long career ahead of her doing it.
Working parents of primary-aged children often rely on out-of-school childcare for the school run and long summer holidays. But thanks to Covid-19, many of these providers are facing an uncertain future. A recent survey by the Out of School Alliance found that 40% of respondents were unsure they’d be able to re-open in September – meaning that around 250,000 childcare places could be at risk. So where will children go if parents have to return to work and grandparents remain off-limits?
Dr Amanda Brown has been working as a GP at Bronzefield, a women-only prison since December 2015. She has just written her second book, The Prison Doctor: Women Inside, in which she shares the stories of many of the women she meets inside.

Since April, the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) has seen a 15% rise in consultations for terminations and is now carrying out around 480 a day. What’s access to contraception been like during lockdown and how can we help to support women?

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