As we stand at the start of a new decade we look at three key issues that will shape women’s lives in the 2020s. And we hear some big ideas on how things could change.

How do we tackle the crisis in social care in the next decade? Given the fundamental caring roles women perform in households, what new ways of thinking about and valuing care work might help find solutions?

In women’s health - are we getting access to the right treatments and diagnosis? With the growing visibility of conditions such as endometriosis, so long down played as 'women’s troubles', we’ll ask what treatments and drugs are getting funded and why. How could science and medicine better serve women?

What does the workplace of the future need to look like for women, and how do we get there?

Our guests are Kate Raworth, a self-described renegade economist, the sciences author Angela Saini, GP and Clinical Director of, Dr Sarah Jarvis, and the writer and activist Beatrix Campbell.

Presenter: Jenni Murray
Producer: Helen Fitzhenry
Guest: Kate Raworth
Guest: Angela Saini
Guest: Dr Sarah Jarvis
Guest: Beatrix Campbell