Nine out of ten people get their children vaccinated. But even so, many people still have questions. Things like: Should I bother with the flu jab? Is it better to get single vaccines? Does immunity wear off? What about side effects? Is the aluminium in vaccines dangerous? Marnie Chesterton asks Prof Helen Bedford, Prof Adam Finn and Dr Tonia Thomas for answers.

One thing we know for sure is that vaccinating or NOT vaccinating both have some element of risk. So what should people do in the face of such uncertainty? Risk expert Prof David Spiegelhalter and experimental psychologist Anne-Marie Nussberger discuss how uncertainty affects the way we behave and the decisions we make.

Presenter: Marnie Chesterton
Interviewed guest: Helen Bedford
Interviewed guest: Adam Finn
Interviewed guest: Tonia Thomas
Interviewed guest: David Spiegelhalter
Interviewed guest: Anne-Marie Nussberger
Producer: Anna Lacey