The Sexual Revolution liberated a generation, but did it do as much for women as it did for men? Virginia Nicholson joins us for a conversation about the impact that decade had. It's said that dogs are man’s best friend - but, we talk to two women whose lives have been transformed by their canine companions. Sabrina Cohen-Hatton joined the fire service at 18. She is now one of the most senior firefighters in the UK and is looking at decision-making in the most difficult situations. And, Katy Bourne is the Police and Crime Commissioner for Sussex. She talks about how her direct experience of stalking led her to get her own force inspected. We hear about how stalking cases should be investigated and how victims can be supported.

Presenter: Jenni Murray
Producer: Ruth Watts
Interviewed guest: Virginia Nicholson
Interviewed guest: Theresa Edwards
Interviewed guest: Rosalyn St Pierre
Interviewed guest: Emily Dean
Interviewed guest: Kate Spicer
Interviewed guest: Sabrina Cohen-Hatton
Interviewed guest: Katy Bourne