Comedian, actress, activist and musician Lea DeLaria - famous for playing Big Boo in Orange is the New Black - tells us about her homage to David Bowie.

We hear about a new health initiative in England for women that will focus on disease prevention across three stages of our lives. Health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price and Lesley Regan, President of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists talk about the plans.

The American photojournalist Lynsey Addario, described as one of the five most influential photographers of the past 25 years, discusses her recent work in Yemen.

Pregnant and post natal women in English prisons are not getting the care they need according to research done by Dr Laura Abbott, a senior lecturer in midwifery at the University of Hertfordshire. She's joined by Naomi Delap the director of the charity Birth Companions to discuss.

How are people with learning disabilities represented on screen? We hear from Carly Jones a disability activist who has autism and from Louise Dyson the founder of VisABLE People Casting Agency.

Families can spend up to £75,000 on a Sikh wedding but what happens if you get divorced? Minreet Kaur and Jasprit Panesar discuss how their failed marriages caused difficulties for them with friends and family.

The crime novelist Cath Staincliffe tells us about her new novel Fear of Falling which focuses on a friendship between two women and their struggles with unwanted pregnancy, infertility and a failing adoption.

Presented by Jane Garvey
Produced by Rabeka Nurmahomed
Edited by Jane Thurlow

Interviewed guest: Lea DeLaria
Interviewed guest: Jackie Doyle-Price
Interviewed guest: Lesley Regan
Interviewed guest: Laura Abbott
Interviewed guest: Naomi Delap
Interviewed guest: Louise Dyson
Interviewed guest: Carly Jones
Interviewed guest: Louise Dyson
Interviewed guest: Minreet Kaur
Interviewed guest: Jasprit Panesar
Interviewed guest: Cath Staincliffe