Are women in the UK jazz scene facing discrimination and sexual harassment? Sarah Raine, an academic and anthropologist, carried out research of ten interviews with anonymised female jazz musicians of a “notable level of success” who performed at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival event in 2019. Emma discusses the issues with
Sarah, who is an academic at Edinburgh Napier University and researcher into gender equality in the music industry and with Jas Kayser, who is a jazz drummer and musician.

In her last book, Don't Hold My Head Down, Lucy-Anne Holmes, writer and founder of the 'No More Page 3' campaign, described her “sexual odyssey” and compiled a list of things that would improve her sex life. She has now gone a step further and collected the testimonies of 51 women around the world, revealing their innermost thoughts and feelings during sex. There are women of all ages and sexualities. Lucy-Anne joins Emma to talk about the very varied experiences of female sexuality.

Just days after Japan's Olympics chief was forced to resign over sexist comments, a prominent politician has announced that women will be invited to its all-male meetings - as long as they don't speak. What does this say about equality in Japan? BBC correspondent Mariko Oi joins Emma to discuss.

Dehenna Davison was just 13 years old when her father Dominic died as a result of a single punch at a pub in Sheffield in 2007. Fourteen years on Dehenna, who is now Conservative MP for Bishop Auckland, has launched an all-party parliamentary group to investigate the impact of one punch assaults and to try and improve the lives of victims and their families. The first meeting will take place on Tuesday.

Presented by Emma Barnett
Producer: Louise Corley
Editor: Karen Dalziel