With the second series of the BBC's Killing Eve underway, Villanelle and Eve continue their obsession with each other. We discuss why the obsession women have for other women has become such a familiar dramatic theme – from Mrs Danvers in Rebecca, to Notes on a Scandal - with writer, Joanna Briscoe and journalist, Sirin Kale. We examine what is behind the resurgence in popularity of twentieth century political thinker, Hannah Arendt and The Origins of Totalitarianism with Professor Lyndsey Stonebridge. Why do so many feel her writing chimes with contemporary politics? And we look at why a number of women’s groups are planning to launch a legal action against the Crown Prosecution Service, saying it’s failing to prosecute cases of rape. We hear from Rachel Krys, one of the founders of End Violence Against women, and two women whose cases were dropped.

Presenter: Jenni Murray Producer: Ruth Watts