Round 1: Former Secretary of Defense & revered Marine General Jim Mattis was honored with a formal painting this week & one small detail has people riled up.  

Round 2: One of the last Tuskegee Airmen has died at the age of 99. We take a trip through history at what the Red Tails did in the face of racial adversity during WW2.

Round 3: The VA is undergoing big reform. We talked to Dan Caldwell from the Concerned Veterans for America to see what he believes the next focus should be.

Round 4: American nerds vs. Iranian dorks?! After Iran downed one of our surveillance drones, America adjusted our very thick glasses, geared up our pocket protector, & cracked our knuckles at the keyboard to hit them where it hurts.

Round 5: With Rough & Rowdy 9 coming up right outside Fort Bragg we're a little nervous about how Big Cat's National Anthem will go over, but it can't be worse than some other versions celebs have butchered.