ROUND 1: A walrus defending her cubs sank a Russian Navy boat in the Arctic Ocean. Will Putin declare war on all sea mammals?

ROUND 2: A soldier planned to bomb a major American news network, and it turns out... that's frowned upon. The FBI has scooped him up & we're thinking it'll be worse than a simple counseling. 

ROUND 3: Chaps traveled out to interview Robert Sweatt, a 97-year-old WWII veteran who was an Aerial Gunner in the Air Force. He survived THREE plane crashes. He tells Chaps a ton of incredible stories in a must-listen interview.

ROUND 4: Uncle Sam wants YOU... to donate your body parts (once again, RIP Doris)

ROUND 5: People are chugging canteens full of hater-ade after a military spouse's Tik Tok post rustles feathers