Round 1: One capital V veteran is spending his time on something really worthwhile. He will not rest until the Associated Press style guide rights their wrong and makes the word veteran a proper noun. 

Round 2: Liberal vultures are doing everything the can to stop the border wall from being built. They are shitting and pissing their asses all over a radio tower in South Texas. What does that mean? A shit ton.

Round 3: NASA just introduced the newest graduates from their Astronaut school. Is that what it's called? Astronaut school? Anyway, one of their new graduates has the most impressive resumes you'll ever seen. 

Round 4: The Space Force announced their enlisted rank structure. It's incredible.

Round 5:  Due to the devastating fires across Australia, their military has stepped up in a huge way. One of those ways? Beer. We'll tell you about one of the lighter stories coming from Down Under. 

Round 6:  we're huge animal people on the pod and Kate welcomed a new family member. It's time for a little cat chat.