ROUND 1: A Texas county sheriff’s candidate loooved talking about his time in the SEALs, Green Berets & Airborne rangers, but it turns out he was never with any of them… and it’s even more of a heartbreaker when it turns out his opponent did the same thing!

ROUND 2: It’s Valentine’s Day!!! Which is great news because that means chocolate will be ½ off at the PX tomorrow, and even better news since listeners showered each other with love notes & we’re gonna read those sweet, sweet suckers today.

ROUND 3: Wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a little heartbreak, too, and it looks like the Phillipines might be breaking up with the USA & ending a major security pact that allows us to train in their country.

ROUND 4: People on deployments dont cease being horny. Some of our listeners have never been on a field op, deployment, or movement while in a romantic relation. We’ll take some advice from the salt dogs of WW2 and then put our spin on sexting while deployed.

ROUND 5: An Air Force pilot sent a ring to outer-fucking-space in a marriage proposal that will put you all to SHAME!