Round 1: Stuck inside for the past month has made me realize that I essentially have zero hobbies besides golf. The golf course is closed. Let talk about some things we should bring back from childhood.

Round 2: A French VIP retiree did the one of the only things you cant do in a fighter jet; he pulled the ejection lever much to the chagrin of the pilot.

Round 3: Career day goofin continues with an operations specalist from the US Navy. You dont know what an operations specalist is? I didnt either so dont feel bad.

Round 4: throw on your decoder rings, boots. We are gonna do a little spy goofin and talk about the CIA’s Mid-Century Mind Control ProjectSayyid Qutb

Round 5: Because of coronavirus, things will change for possibly ever. If Dr. Fuaci has his way, we wont be shaking hands anymore. We have some possible replacements.