Round 1: Big time bash happened this weekend at the White House. The US Navy band put on a show that rivaled some of the topics that we had on Friday’s show. We’ll dig deep into the Lion’s Den for this one.

Round 2: Life at the Coast Guard Academy is finally getting a little easier thanks to coronavirus and some relaxed regulations for the new Swabs, who should actually be called codfish. Say you’re a codfish, Hook!

Round 3: One Army Specialist was just awarded the Silver Star for a big time “I Wish A Mother Fucker Would” Moment. Talkin about beatin a terrorist to death with your fists

Round 4: Independence Day is over but knowledge is forever. I’ll test Kate and Cons again.

Round 5: More Details are coming out in what happened to Vanessa Guillen. It’s truly a horrific story that people should hear the details about. We’ll do our part in this round!